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Hello and welcome to my website.  If your visiting this site you have probably stumbled across one of my YouTube videos on a wide variety of topics that may include, but are not limited to, music related activities such as performance, gear topics, repairs to gear, science/engineering oriented videos on a wide range of topics, automotive and marine repiar with emphasis on motorhome, travel trailer, and PWC's, and all kinds of various VLOG's for pure entertainment purposes.  I basically try and document what I am up too on a daily basis and I try to  do my best to share that with the world in the hopes that I may contribute to the YouTube community in an educational and entertainment manner.  I am a big fan of YouTube, I have benefited greatly from the endless free education recieved from other great channels, and am eager to participate in the exchange of wisdom and entertainment as I full heartedly believe that YouTube exemplifies the "good part" of the world wide web.

As far as my background is concerned, I am a full time working class musician/entertainer from the Ottawa area, and I perform regularly every week in various venues all over the city.  Music has been my passion and primary source of income for my entire life.  I would say probably about 1/2 of my videos on YouTube deal with music related  topics and the other half deal with all the other facets of my interests.

I have lived a hard life.  I lived out of my van and subsequently in my 31 foot class A motorhome, which I rebuilt, an experience that has shaped who I am but was a very tough period of life for sure.  Winter in Canada is no joke when your in a van! 

After living in my van for quite some time, I purchased a small piece of land in western Quebec, where I lived in a 33 foot travel trailer.  This piece of land is featured on my channel in several videos, and I call it my "camp".  Much of the content on my channel deals with recreational vehicles, an area that I have grown quite competant with having to do so many repairs.  During this time I was working as a high school math and science tutor as well as attending the University of Ottawa.  I enjoy education and helping others understand topics in science, math, and engineering, many of my videos deal with these types of topics.  

Some of my mechanical experience was garnered through the early parts of my life where I had a business tuning, repairing, and rebuilding pianos, a venture that I had a good deal of success in, but after a type of mental breakdown, I lost everything I had, which is how I ended up in my van!  I regularly apply the mechanical skills I picked up through this period in various current projects and videos.  I have a good deal of experience with engines, vehicles, and electrical devices, which are often featured on my channel. 

Thanks for stopping by my page and I hope you enjoy my videos !


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