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"Threadin' The Needle"  DOWNLOAD FOR FREE AND ENJOY TODAY !!!!


Hey yo!  Another new tune on deck here ready for FREE DL!  This song is all about the hustle, containing lots of hockey references and blue collar musician aesthetic.  This song really hits home right now, I was up for 20 hours straight on Saturday, no roadies and no bs, just gettin' shit DONE and I'm droppin' this tune as a salute to everyone working their asses off.  

Threadin’ The Needle




you know
you could do it with a dangle
or you can get in and cycle
but sometimes
you just gotta do it like this



On the move
In my groove
Hookin' up with the baddest of my crew
Passing through



You won't see me
diggin' from a hole
cuz you know I'm always
threadin' the needle



On the line
Making time
You can't tell by looking at my eyes
Ain't no lie




Painting gold

tenfold sold

6 string payload, truckin’ through the night

pickin’ for keeps




Although it seems weird to think about the summer while we are basically up to our necks in snow, this is a crucial aspect to UOttawaScotty YouTube channel this season.  In 2022, I made the mistake of waiting until the summer to dive into the projects for the channel, which ended up making it so I was working all summer instead of making fun videos on the use of things like: the motorhome stage, 90's jet skiis, travel trailer side stage, screen printing shop, etc etc.  So, this year I'm getting proactive and starting into the mechanical work immediately and will bring you along on all the cool "fix-it" videos so that we can have a tonne of fun this summer!

UOttawaScotty MUSIC

Recording of my original music is going FANTASTIC, better than I had expected actually.  I am super pumped up to share with everyone what I have been working on.  I have made a slight change of plans though, I am just going to release music as it is done, as opposed to wait for the entire album to be recorded, that way you guys get new music every week from me, and it keeps things moving along nicely.  Download my first song for free from my music player, it's called "2-Tone".  I hope you like the new music.   Light it !! 

#UOttawaScotty #livemusic #613 #Ottawa #uos #blues

November 10, 11  10:15-1:45am , The Vanduras @

Mother McGuinty's, Ottawa ON.   TABLE 19 EVENT

November 12  9-1am, SteamyBoots @

Heart Byward, Ottawa ON.   TABLE 19 EVENT

November 17, 18  9-12:00am, The Vanduras @

NASH, Gatineau, QC.   TABLE 19 EVENT

November 22 9-1am, SteamyBoots @ Heart Byward Ottawa, ON. TABLE 19 EVENT

November 23  8-12am, UOttawScotty Solo @

Darcy's McGees Sparks Street, Ottawa, ON.  TABLE 19 EVENT

November 25 Private Event

November 29 9-1am, UOttawaScotty Solo @ Heart Preston, Ottawa ON.  TABLE 19 EVENT

November 30 9-1am, UOttawaScotty Solo @ Deacon Broadies. Ottawa, ON.  TABLE 19 EVENT

December 1, 2  9:45-1:30am , The Velocity's @

The Crazy Horse, Kanata  ON.  TABLE 19 EVENT

December 5 Private Event

December 7 9-1am, UOttawaScotty Solo @ Heart and Crown Preston.  Ottawa, ON. TABLE 19 EVENT

December 8  SteamyBoots X-Mas Market, Westboro Ottawa, Table 19 EVENT

December 9 Private Event

December 14   9-1am, The Cobras @ Heart Byward Ottawa, ON.  TABLE 19 EVENT

December 15, 16  10-1:30am, The Vanduras @ Heart Preston, Ottawa, ON. TABLE 19 EVENT

December 28  9-1am, UOttawaScotty Solo @

Deacon Broadies, Ottawa ON.   TABLE 19 EVENT

December 29,30,31  9:45-1:30am, The Velocitys @ Crazy Horse, Kanata ON.   TABLE 19 EVENT, NEW YEARS BASH




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